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kinematics of equipment for construction machinery and agricultural machinery

Pins and rings kit, standard axes and pre-lubricated, clamping rings, dust cover gaskets, washers calade

Spare part for construction machinery and agricultural machinery

Parts for construction machinery (Feeders, Bulldozers, Loaders, Rollers, Pavers, Niveleuses, Excavators, Dumpers

mechanical parts (engine) for construction machinery and agricultural machinery

piston; shirts; valves; camshafts; crankshaft; cylinder heads; rods; turbochargers; piston rings; bushings,engines, overhaul kits, carburetor, starter

Electric engine startup, engine stop for construction machinery and agricultural

Alternators, starters, batteries and starter accessories, circuit breakers, solenoids, heaters candles, instrumentation, starter relay, gauges, engine stop, silent block

systeme de refroidissement pour engins de travaux publics et machines agricoles

Refroidisseurs d’huile ; pièces de radiateur ; pompes à eau ; durites ; colliers ; thermostats ; sondes ; courroies ; turbines ; kits de réparation etc.

systeme d'injection pour engins de travaux publics et machines agricoles

Disques et boîtes de vitesse, croisillons, convertisseurs de couple, différentiels, embrayages de direction, roulements pompes Hautes pression


Pompes, pompes hydrauliques, vérins, valves, distributeurs rotatifs, culasses, pistons, kits de joints de vérin, flexibles et joint, brise roches...

Dent godets

Dent godets ; godets mâchoire , Godets grand volume , Godet télescopique grand volume , Godet grand volume , Godet grand, volume travaux légers , Godet grand volume 4x1 etc.

Pièces de rechange

Drives and gearboxes, braces, torque converters, differentials, steering clutches, pumps, bearings, High pressure, electronic injectors, priming pump, Clutch and the pedal axle, transmission


Gear and brake systems, suspensions cylinders, direction, lift cylinders, full bridges, Converters, conical Couples, speed gearbox: tank cap, cooling, throttle,Engine stop cable,


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