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Aerodynamic fractional separator of grain, capacity 40 t/h - Calibrates wheat, barley, soybeans, maize and other crops for use as seed! High



Productivity is 40 t / h, and energy consumption is 4.4 kW due to the use of a frequency converter of European production. The separator efficiency is very high. The grain entering the cleaning chamber from the hopper is influenced by the air flow, which divides the heap of grain according to the specific weight of the cleaned material and windage. Cleaned and calibrated material is delivered through 7 trays: - first of all, the largest debris falls (stones, land, stems, spikelets, etc.); - Material from the middle of a spikelet of wheat, corn cobs or sunflower caps is loaded into 2-3 trays. This is the most viable material of the whole heap, seed germination up to 98%; - the material from the lower part of the ear is placed in 4-5 trays - this is marketable grain, the variety that brings the greatest profit; - the grain on top of the spikelet (unripe, Light, semi-crushed grain), which significantly reduces the cost of the harvested crop falls into a 6-7 tray!