Bench Vices / Vise/ Тиски / Bench vices - Bench Vices Master from Ductile cast Iron with changeablr jaws



Our Master line of bench vices is for professional mechanics and heavy duty maintenance and repair. Master line vices are improved for clamping larger workpieces including vertical clamping. Vices are produced from Ductile Cast Iron with tensile strength 72 520 psi for extended life. Jaws from hardened steel are changeable. The vices body shape with prismatic slot for pipes or round parts clamping. Swivel base 360° and large anvil in the body for multipurpose use. Handle with rubber heads for safety of operator during the clamping. IMPROVEMENT A thrust bearing on the lead screw for easy parts clamping. The slide with chamfers for adjusting screws support. These screws in the body adjust the clearance between guides of the slide and of the screws' supporting parts in case of wear progresses; the initial adjustment is carried out by the manufacturing plant. Jaw width: 160 mm, 180 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm