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E-2000™ safety push-pull fiber optic connector

The E-2000™ 0.1 dB offers unparalleled 0.1dB maximum insertion loss random mating, exceptional repeatability, while maintaining the superior features of the E-2000™ connector family.

High Power fiber optic connector

PS connectors are designed for high power applications up to 3 Watts optical power for SM fibers. These have been developed to support the continuous rise of higher bitrates and longer distances.

DiaFlex IP68 interconnect

The special feature of the new DiaFlex fan-out connection is that the fiber whips can be removed and replaced via a connector system in the divider

MIL-38999 DM ruggedized fiber optic connector

Diamond has developed an advanced COTS MIL-38999 DM style connector that emonstrates exceptional performance in demanding optical applications.

MIL-83526 DM Outdoor fiber optic connector

Diamond has developed the new rugged IP68, MIL-83526 DM connector featuring the DM (Diamond Multipurpose) insert for superior optical performance.

Mini AVIM™ small and light space fiber optic connector

The Mini AVIM™ connector has been developed for Exomars rover, as a smaller and lighter version of the heritage AVIM™ space connector.

Midi AVIM™ space fiber optic connector

The Midi AVIM™ connector has been developed as a smaller and lighter version of the AVIM™ connector, using the same superior keying of the Mini AVIM™.

New multifunctional insert (DM) based on the Crocodile-Alberino

The many adaptable optical technologies as well as the reliable transmission performance and unparalleled reproducibility are achieved thanks to the high quality of the components.

DiaDesk Multifunctional desktop switch

The desk station combines everything that until now was separate. Not only the elegance makes this product attractive, but also its versatility is convincing: network connections, USB sockets, and pow

Diamond Headquarters buildings, Losone Switzerland

The extensive Diamond fiber-optic product offering includes a full range of active and passive interconnected solutions, equipment and tools.

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