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Our company is producer and leading exporter of high quality frozen meat and by-products. Our main products : pork, beef, poultry( chicken franks, eggs ) fruits and vegetables. More than 15 years experience in worldwide trading. Our advantages: - Own slaughterhouse and processing plants - Quality Control Department - Logistic Department - Flexible payment terms We select animals for slaughter on our own. We strictly follow the veterinary norms. As the result, we can guarantee to our partners the highest quality of the products and their adherence to the European norms. A separate shop is created for every stage of meat processing (pre-slaughter shop, primary processing shop, by-products shop, fat and intestinal shops). Apart from them, the chilling shop (here meat and by-products are chilled) and the shock freezing camera (the temperature here is -35°C) are functioning. Every process is under control, a separate specialist is responsible for every action, thus, our work is perfectly coordinated! Qualified logistics, managers and drivers work on the delivery of your order. It allows us to guarantee you the delivery of highest quality meat and by-products in the shortest terms! Cooperation with us is benefit for you...

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The key line of EuroCommerce activities is the pig slaughter for producing pork, meat products in elements and by-products. We also sell by-products – pig ears, feet, hearts, liver, lungs, heads, kidneys, leather, snouts, tails and fat Ключевой линией деятельности EuroCommerce является убой свиней для производства свинины, мясных продуктов в элементах и побочных продуктах. Мы также продаем побочные продукты - свиные уши, ноги, сердца, печень, легкие, головы, почки, кожу, морды, хвосты и жир


Our work is guided by high quality standards. We offer you only the best. Наша работа руководствуется высокими стандартами качества. Мы предлагаем вам только лучшее.


Ukraine has become the third largest supplier of poultry in Europe. Ukranian market of chicken products is one of the most developing and growing up markets in the world at the moment. Ukraine produces 160% of its necessity. Origin: Ukraine Freezing type : IWP, IQF Freezing condition : -18C and lower Shelf life : 12 months HALAL certified


Egg products are essential in the diet of people. Therefore, these products have great demand both in the domestic market and abroad. Being rich in proteins, fats, carbohydrates, different minerals and vitamins in well-balanced quantities , eggs are considered to be the product to satisfy various needs in human nutrition


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