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Ceramic Infrared Heating Elements (ICH-100/200 series)

Refractory ceramics coated with a protective glaze. Made of high-quality Iron-chromium alloy (Fe-Cr-Al, Superfechral GS SY) significantly outperforms known brands using Fechral and Nichrome.

Quartz Infrared Heating Elements (ICH-400 series)

ICH-400 feature almost instant heat-up and cooling, making them a perfect choice for technological processes that require shorter heating and cooling time with precise temperature control.

Industrial Infrared Heaters (InfraLine – 100/200 series)

InfraLine heaters feature outstanding performance, easy installation and maintenance. You can group them in modules and precisely target the desired heating area. Durable and affordable solution.

Ceramic Infrared Outdoor Heaters (QSun-M series)

Designed for residential and industrial premises - open terraces, summer cafes, restaurants or any partially open spaces under the roof. Precise heat localization without unnecessary heat loss.

Infrared Indoor Heating Panels (QSun-W series)

Designed for any residential indoor spaces and can be mounted on ceilings or walls. Very lightweight (2-6 kg), and thin (15-25 mm) featuring a clean, simplistic design and pure, sun-like warmth.

Industrial Infrared Heating Panels (IPH-T series)

Industrial infrared panels are commonly used in thermoforming machines, shrink and drying chambers, and similar applications. Proper zonal control system ensures 100% uniform heating distribution.

Infrared Heating Panels for Conveyor (IPH-C series)

Designed for process heating applications on a moving conveyor. They feature protective curtains, allowing instant START/STOP of the production line, thus minimizing product losses and saving time.

Infrared Tunnel Ovens (HIT series)

Designed for industrial production processes such as pre-heating, vulcanization, curing, polymerization and other rapid heat treatment applications with temperatures up to 850C.

Infrared Conveyor Tunnel Ovens (HIT-C series)

Designed for applications that require a moving conveyor belt. Combined infrared-convection heating uses the additional energy of hot air to heat, cure, and stabilize the temperature of the product.

Infrared Heat Shrink Tubing Ovens (CH-1 series)

These ovens allow the tube and cable manufacturers and assembly houses to heat-shrink tubes radially by exposing them to infrared heat. Simultaneous (two-sided) infrared heating of rotating tubes.


3D model of Infrared Tunnel Ovens by EUROLINIA

Infrared Heating Panels for Conveyor (IPH-C series)

Infrared Tunnel Oven for Multilayer Polymer Pipes (HIT-P)

Infrared chamber for polymer tubular couplings (CH2-102)

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