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Equipment for Manufacture of groats - Equipment for mechanical processing groats - hulling, peeling and grinding



Groats production - production of cereals and cereal products from grain of various crops. The basis of the technological process is the mechanical separation of the integumentary tissues (shells) of the grain and the subsequent processing of the kernel and cotyledons. The technique of separating the shells depends on the anatomical features of the grain (the strength of the core and shells, the degree of their attachment to the nucleus, etc.). The general scheme of the technological process consists of the following stages: cleaning grain from impurities; sorting by size; peeling (separation of membranes); kernel processing (crushing, grinding, polishing, flattening). The grain is hulled on peeling machines (barley, oats), hulling boxes (rice-grain) or rolling mills (buckwheat, millet), peeling machines with rubber rolls, as well as gollenders, vertical shelling machines, rolling machines, and rice-grain - on hulling stakes and shelling machines.