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Drawing Cones Niehoff MMH101

New Cones for Niehoff MMH 101- 28 pieces , conical , 6 -grooved

Contact tubes /hubs

Tubes used in resistance annealing machines - pure nickel,steel body with nickel coating, brass or copper. For all types of machines Henrich, Niehoff , Samp etc....

Drawing cones - pulley

The cones are available in fully ceramic, ceramic-steel composite, coated ceramic, coated carbide or tempered steel .We also offer regrinding services.

Nickel, Elmedur and Copper stripes

These material has a top quality, deflected , available as coil or ring material . Cut to exact diameter, overlapped beveled edges on customers request.

KINREI - stranding machines and more

Kinrei machines fulfil the highest quality demands for stripping and stranding fine and ultra-fine wires. Very efficient of using energy and operating materials: leading edge technology !

Carbon brushes - holders

In every quality and design that you require. Also available with wear signalling strands

SplitShot AirWipe with ceramic insert

AN AIR WIPE THAT OUT PERFORMS THE REST- design relies on the controlled use of compressed air which is allowed to decompress to atmospheric pressure within a precisely sized chamber.

Samp Wide Flyer Bow

Specifically designed to reduce mount failure-improved aerodynamics and extend bow life . Molded from tri-axially braided carbon fiber, for superior stiffness and strength.

ES Stream Bow Carbon Flyer Bow

New Design- no machining of the grooves and profiles necessary.No adhesion of the wear strip since it is locked down with two button head screws on both ends.AERO SPACE technologie ! 100 %Carbon Fiber

Carbon pulley for big dimensions

This roll / pulley is very light due to the carbon construction - above average lifetime- price is lower than the conventional material - the surface can be coated with several materials.

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