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Modelling clay/ plasticine - Kids modelling clay in set of 12 colours, 168 g



Genuine children’s modelling clay is made for modeling for children of preschool and junior school age. It has bright and saturated colours, does not contain extraneous inclusions. During the work it kneads effortlessly, pieces are easily connected together. And the most importantly, this modelling clay is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and safe for a child when it is used as intended. •Is created specifically for children from 3 years. Modelling clay is the ideal material for playing, helps to develop imagination, fine motor skills, sensor sensitivity, helps to stimulate child’s early mental activity. •Soft and plastic, easily takes the required form. •During the work it doesn’t form cracks when bend, doesn’t stick to hands, and doesn’t leave oily stains. Meet the safety requirements of toys according to the Directive2009/48/EC. Available as private label product