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Renovation of VDNKh with PromStroyContract

Project overview ・ 9 февр. 2021 г.

The second largest exhibition complex in Moscow, VDNKh had celebrated it’s 80-th birthday last year. It is one of 50 world’s largest showgrounds and it consolidates various objects of culture, arts and science. «PromStroyContract» is working at the reconstruction of VDNKh’s historical buildings. For example, RosAtom’s pavilion was built with PSK couplers equivalent to those which are used at big NPPs, «Cosmos», «Kazakhstan» and «Uzbekistan» pavilions were built using PSK-CUP technology. Repair works of «Seeds», the pavilion which is going to be the home of «SoyouzMultFilm» studios’ multimedia park were just finished. «Seeds» is a historically significant pavilion built in 1978 and renovated to it’s untouched form just as it was designed by it’s architects. The works were done on the area of 1450 square meteres, using PSK formwork to concrete. Due to it’s high accuracy and ease of installation PSK’s equipment suits for the most complex problems of construction area.