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Сhairs "Techno"

Spacious and comfortable swivel chairs "Techno" made of steel and thermowood and already steel a kind of attraction VDNKh.

Sun loungers “Fly”

Sun loungers “Fly” provide comfortable rest for VDNKh visitors in Moscow

Benches from the collection "Infinity"

Benches from the collection "Infinity" made of processed steel galvanizing, followed by powder coated

Сollection "Summer"

Bench and table from the collection "Summer" fit perfectly into the look as public spaces and suburban areas

Benches, armchairs and chaise lounges "Boston"

Benches, armchairs and chaise lounges "Boston" in various combinations of arrangements can combine with each other in random order. Also possible choice of colors in accordance with your project

Sun lounger "Boston"

Sun lounger "Boston" - sample versatility. Products can customize by experimenting scheme, arrangement and even placement of armrests.


This spacious bench from thermowood provides comfortable rest for residents and guests Moscow at VDNKh

Urban mobile сhairs "Punto Group"

Urban mobile chairs from the catalog "Punto Group" - already familiar component of rest for visitors VDNKh

Hanging bench and gazebo

Hanging bench and gazebo made from recycled plastic. Products are created within eco-project "Share with us"

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