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Cream margarine - Fineo

Clean label cream and dough margarine: - cream margarine without hydrogenated fats - without preserving agents - only with natural color agents - with natural butter flavor (on request)

Non dairy cream - Dulcinea

Premium sweetened non dairy cream, for decorating and filling cakes: - UHT processed, long shelf life product - high whipped volume

Ready to use creams - Rhapsody creams

- ready to use pastry & confectionery creams - bake and freeze/thaw stable ready to use creams - wide band applications, from craft production with manual piping bags to industrial production.

Cold glazes

- ready to use cold glazes, for coating or topping confectionery or pastry products - mirror shining effect, on all covered cake surfaces - cold glazes create a uniform smooth glaze

Bake stable fruit fillings

- high fruit content (50% or 70%) - big pieces of fruit pulp - fruit fillings have a wide range of applications in pastry and confectionery products - bake stable and freeze/thaw stable

Chocolate couverture

- the real chocolate taste joy, in easy to melt coins format - available in various cocoa content, from the highest dark chocolate couverture with 69% cocoa content, till the very white chocolate.

Chocolate compound coatings

- chocolate replacers based on vegetable fats, available in three alternatives of cocoa content: dark, milk and white chocolate compound coatings - supplied in small pieces, for “bain Marie”

Spreadable cocoa creams - Dark creole chocolate

- high quality spreadable cocoa cream, with high cocoa content - low melting point, for fresh mouth effect after consumption - ready to use spreadable cocoa cream, with a wide range of applications

Dutch cocoa powder

- packed cocoa blend knowledge, “made in Holland” - top quality alkalized cocoa powder, with 10-12% or 20-22% fat content

Powder premixes - Vanilla dream

- premium powder premix for the fast and easy production of top quality custard vanilla cream - the powder premixe Vanilla Dream is mixed with cold water

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