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Electric Torque Screwdriver Range

We offer a large range of electric auto reverse torque screwdrivers with lever and push start models available. We have options including built in screw counter and brushless maintenance free models.

Meisei HOTweezer Thermal Wire Stripper

HOTweezers® represents the state of the art in the design and construction of thermal wire strippers. The tip temperature can be adjusted from 300°F (149°C) to 1450°F (788°C). For wire 18 - 36 AWG.

Digital Wire Cutting Machine

The JQ6100 Wire Cutting Machine is a highly precise digital cut to length machine capable of handling a wide variety of applications including tubing. For wire size 8mm OD or flat cable 100mm wide.

D2 Jacket and Inner Core Wire Stripper

A simple solution to multicore wire stripping suitable. By a single pull on the handle, precision die strip off the outer insulation and secondary blades strip the inner conductors. Wire to 10mm OD.

Automatic cut and strip machines

We offer a range of programmable cut and strip machines with the entry level machine priced at only 1795.00 GBP. Models also available for processing coax and wire twisting functions also available.

Pneumatic Screwdrivers

Many models of torque air screwdrivers are offered including lever and push start, angle screwdrivers and also our brand new oil free range for virtually zero maintenance. In torque sizes up to 30Nm.

Cable Measuring Meter

A unique product, this is a meter for measuring wire rope up to 24 mm OD. Various accessories are also available for wall and bench mounting. Large models also available on request.

Cable Coilers & Prefeeders

We have a large range of both mechanical coilers and spoolers including the Model 99 collapsible range, idea for forming hanks. We also manufacture a motorized prefeeder, the CCB3000 for 2200.00 GBP.

Electric and Pneumatic Crimping Machines

We have a range of new and second user crimping machines to offer. Our lowest priced air crimper is priced at only 353.00 GBP and has a wide variety of crimps it can process. Bespoke dies available.

Quality Second User Machinery available

A wide choice of second user machines are offered including Schleuniger, Kodera, Komax, Artos, Desoutter, Ideal, Eraser, JST, Weller and more. We also make blades for most brands of machines.

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