SMOKE EXHAUST FAN - SMOKE EXHAUST FAN up to 2400 mm rated diameter



Exhaust fans are designed to remove flue gases from the furnaces of steam and hot water boilers and to move dust-gas-air mixtures in other processing units. The maximum nominal diameter of the exhaust fan is 2400 mm. Can be manufactured from construction steel or corrosion proof steel. Exhaust fans are designed to move flue gases and non-explosive dust-gas-air mixtures with the temperatures ranging from -30 to + 200С, with the dust content up to 80 g/m3, and the ambient temperature from -40 to + 40C. Exhaust fans can be manufactured with right-hand and left-hand rotation of the impeller and the angles of rotation of the delivery pipe from 0 to 270 degrees through 15 degrees. Depending on the standard size of the exhaust fan and the Customer’s enquiry the delivery set may include a guide vane, which serves to regulate