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General Update ・ 15 дек. 2020 г.

From Strength to Strength in Stainless Steel Coil Products Over the last 11 years, Stainless Band has gone from strength to strength. Its investment in processing capabilities has never stood still and this combined with its exceptional customer service, has established it as the go-to name in the processing of stainless coil products available in various forms, finishes and dressings. This year has seen further investment from Stainless Band, with the installation of a new precision Brace 1A and a standard Brace 2A slitting line for “fast track” orders with an impressive 3 day delivery time. Its in-house processing will be further upgraded shortly with a new cut to length line capable of 500mm wide and up to 3mm thickness. So what does this mean for Stainless Band’s customers? The new manufacturing capabilities enable the Stainless Band service centre to process customers’ orders within an even shorter lead time. This will enhance its reputation for the highest quality throug

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