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JSC "CTOMA" is a Ukrainian manufacturer of artificial teeth, dental materials and medicines. Founded in 1929, "Kharkiv Plant of Medical Plastics and Dental Materials" today has evolved into one of the largest healthcare companies in the CIS. JSC "CTOMA" cooperates with many Ukrainian and international companies. For more than 85 years almost all the achievements of the domestic production of dental products go by the name of our company. In spite of a high level of recently emerged foreign competition the products of JSC "CTOMA" still enjoy keen demand due to its checked quality and favorable prices. The quality of JSC "CTOMA" products is confirmed by the certificates of State Standard of Ukraine and CIS countries and complies with DSTU ISO 9001: 2001 (ISO 9001: 2000) and DSTU ISO 13485: 2005 (ISO 13485: 2003). JSC "CTOMA" produces medicines in accordance with EU Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) that is confirmed by the Medical Device Manufacturing License. JSC "CTOMA" has all the necessary production capacities, longstanding business experience, a team of highly qualified professionals, long-term relationship with suppliers and manufacturers of raw materials. All the above-mentioned give us an opportunity to produce high quality materials at reasonable prices.

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Artificial plastic teeth Estedent-02 are designed for application in prosthodontics for manufacturing of remov­able denture constructions. Plastic teeth Estedent-02 are manufactured on base of cross-linked acrylic polymers. They have a fluorescent effect (teeth put into partial denture look harmoniously near natured teeth in ultra-violet rays). Teeth Estedent-02 have a good chemical binding with denture base. Like their natural prototype teeth Estedent- 02 have optimal functional and cosmetic characteristics. Teeth Estedent-02 are manufactured in accordance with “Vita” scale and consist of 9 shades: A2; A3; A3.5; B2; B3; C2; C3; D2; D3. Due coloring scale Estedent-03 teeth comply with colors № 28, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38, 40, 41.


Indications for use: manufacturing of complete upper- and lower jaw dentures; manufacturing of partial dentures; Strong points: high accuracy shape reproduction; high ultimate flexural strength; optimal elasticity; beneficial cosmetic effect due to denture translucency and introduction of «streaks» that imitate the soft tissues of the oral cavity; good polishing ability; Application instructions: mix powder with liquid in 2:1 ratio; plastic modeling phase is about 20 minutes; carry out the polymerization process in a water bath in dental flasks, by bringing the water bath to boiling point gradually within 40-50 minutes; polymerization process takes 30 minutes; do not retrieve the denture from the flask until it is cooled down completely;


Indications for use: manufacturing of temporary plate-type removable dentures; repair and restoration of removable dentures; maxillofacial appliances; orthodontic appliances; manufacturing of removable prosthetic splints; Strong points: multipurpose use; rapid guaranteed polymerization; beneficial cosmetic effect due to denture translucency and introduction in material of "streaks" that imitate soft tissues of oral cavity; good workability of products; Application instructions: mix-up powder and liquid in a 2:1 ratio; carry out the process of polymerization at room temperature in a heating cabinet at 35-45°C for 25-30 minutes; treat and polish the material by conventional methods;


modeling of removable denture bases; manufacture of occlusion templates with occlusive to ruses; manufacture of individual spoons and base spoons; Strong points: material has high plasticity properties; material is easy to mold; when tooled, the material does not break or delaminate; material is easy to remove completely from plaster molds using boiling water;

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