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List of extracts:Aloe Birch Vineceous St. John’s Wort Golden Whisker Calendula Buckeye Burdock Root Red Pepper Magnolia Vine Seaweeds Mint exc. B


Originality of clay is in its qualitative mixture. The clay is enriched by mineralized extracts produced by “Van Tan” company that possess medicinal and preventive properties.


(Mg2+69(Na+ +K+) 31) is a high-concentrated low-acid iodine, bromine, chloride, sodium-to-magnesium brine with a high content of organic substances.

Nourishing and regenerating” face pack.

Face pack made of red clay with extract of mint, chamomile and aloe. Intended for oily skin.Effect: nourishes deep layers of skin, removes irritation, improves blood circulation, clarifies, absorbs

“Anti-acne” face pack

Soft, delicate face pack based on white clay.The clay mixture is additionally enriched by the extracts of aloe and burdock root. The face pack is effective for youth acne eruption. Effect: soothes a

“Anti-wrinkle” face pack for deep wrinkles

Face pack based on white clay.The clay mixture is enriched of wine extract and the extract of Chinese magnolia-vine.Effect: smoothes existing wrinkles, counteracts new wrinkles appearance, softens m

“Anti-cellulitis” pack

White or green clay plus the extract of seaweeds and red pepper.Due to the minerals and colloid structure clay possesses exceptional properties for struggling against cellulitis.

“Belly modelling” pack

Mineral green clay plus wine extract plus seaweeds extract.Effect: possesses tightening properties, strengthens connective tissues and makes them more flexible, maintains water-oil balance, activates

“Relaxing” face pack

The face pack made of white clay with high minerals concentration. Contains mint and sea-buckthorn extracts.Intended for dry and normal skin.Effect: possesses soothing, nourishing, regenerating and

Multi-vitaminous” face pack

The face pack containing extracts of seaweeds and dog-rose.Effect: enriches by the complex of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and minerals that supply with normal nourishment and energizes cells proc

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