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Small conveyor with lateral guides

The small conveyor is equipped with a special sliding support instead of the usual sliding plate. This example shows a model from the modular kit with black plastic lateral guides.

Modular kit 4-track

We manufacture multiple-track conveyor solutions using our flexible modular kit system. The solution consists of a motor and any number of conveyor tracks.


Two conveyor belts from the centre drive series are arranged in parallel with a gap for easy access. The print head is positioned in the corresponding space.

Knife edge

With roller diameters of 5 and 8 mm, especially small parts can be transferred from one conveyor to the next one without any problems.

Vacuum belt

The small conveyor with vacuum function is often used to transport products which are particularly lightweight and which under no circumstances are to be permitted to “fly off”.

Small conveyor with lateral guides

From time to time, conveyed goods require special “guidance”. To make sure parts that are round or especially light don’t fall off the belt, a special sliding plate is needed.

Small conveyor with round belts

If a flat conveyor belt is not the ideal surface for your conveyed goods, it is also possible to use round belts. Round belts are always used when the product requires an exact belt line.

Small conveyor 2-track

Multiple-track conveyor solutions are often required when complex products are to also hang down between the tracks. Other conceivable application cases include testing or assembly tasks.

Sealed Profiles

For use in sterile environments (pharmaceuticals industry or food processing), the requirements our products must meet are particularly strict. We replacing conventional profiles with sealed profiles.

Encoder shaft

If you’d like to mount your own encoder at the conveyor, we are happy to also equip our products with an encoder shaft.

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