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For every Interiors

10x120x1000/1200/1400 mm 10x150x1000/1200/1400 mm. Product with cerfitied birch plywood backing. Product is recommended for underfloor heating. It has most universal dimention for every interior.


Solid oak slate wall, finished in mineral oil (with different colors). Dimensions of modules: – 10x250x600 mm Staves dimensions in modules: – 10x50x100-300 mm.

The most Fashionable.

Surface finish in every dimension (with the client request) : • UV lacquer finisz, UV oil, natural oil, • choise od colors developed in cooperation with architects,

Rapid Industrial

Rapid industrial – industrial parquet finished solid. Available in raw or finished with UV oil.

Technical descriptions

All the floorings hold FSC certificate and a complete documentation of UE standards for woodproducts. Paint finishin flammability class Cfl-s1. Classes: standard, rustical, country.

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