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Hello, Dear sir! We are large importer of good quality and fashion used clothes around the whole world. We want to cooperate with you and offer our products. We have wide variety of goods and we are happy to provide you with any category of it. Nice prices and, the most important, a long and good partnership. We will be pleased to give you any information and answer to all your questions. I will be happy to work with you and offer something special. Our clothes has really high quality! European clothes from Germany, England and Holland.

Информация о предприятии

Основные показатели

  • ЧиcленнoстЬ персонала
    11 – 50

Данные по организации компании

  • Основной бизнес
    Оптовая продажа

Ключевые слова, связанные с компанией

  • Одежда - импорт-экспорт
  • продажа одежды секонд-хэнд
  • экспорт одежды секонд-хенд
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